Stone, Dog Puke, Salmon Fly, Trina's

Stone, Dog Puke, Salmon Fly, Trina's


Features of the Stone, Dog Puke, Salmon Fly, Trina's

Is Alpo better the second time around? The fish apparently think so.

Big beefy trout wait all year for Salmonflies.

These giants of the aquatic insect world create a feeding frenzy that brings out big gluttonous fish, birds and even animals for the feast.

The Stone Dog Puke Salmon Fly Trina's is your meal ticket.

This is the most realistic salmon fly imitation we've seen.

The extended foam body and Thin Skin shell match the shape and appearance of an adult egg laying Salmonfly.

The realistic silicon legs add lifelike motion and the synthetic underwing with an elk hair overwing provides a perfect silhouette.

We do not recommend that you try it, but feed the Dog Puke Salmon Fly to the fish and hang on.

$ 2.00