Ant, Chernobyl, Brown-Gold

Ant, Chernobyl, Brown-Gold


Features of the Ant, Chernobyl, Brown-Gold

Ever since the effective Chernobyl was introduced it has greatly influenced the development of many new fly patterns.

The durability and buoyancy of foam has made it one of the more popular materials used in flies today.

The Brown/Gold Chernobyl Ant is a newer color combinations that has become one of the most effective all around attractor patterns.

The deadly combination of a brown foam top and a gold foam belly has a buggy look that will match a number of insects that fish commonly feed on.

The segmented body along with multiple lifelike rubber legs give the fly a silhouette that fish find hard to refuse.

All of these features together make this a pattern you do not want to be without.

$ 1.85