Crab, Permit, Del Brown

Crab, Permit, Del Brown


Features of the Crab, Permit, Del Brown

The Del Brown Permit Crab was created by one of the most famous permit fly anglers, Del Brown.

The shape of this fly along with lead eyes makes it sink like a fleeing crab.

The Del Brown Permit Crab also known as a Merkin is one of the most productive permit flies available.

It is also effective on bonefish, Redfish and other flats species which makes it a pattern you should always have in your box.

This is a pattern that will produce fish anywhere in the world and recently has become popular with Steelhead anglers using nymphing techniques.

The Merkin does not hang up when bouncing along the bottom, this makes it a great choice for a heavy nymph.

$ 2.65

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