Pale Morning Dun, Vis-A-Dun

Pale Morning Dun, Vis-A-Dun


Features of the Pale Morning Dun, Vis-A-Dun

Synthetic materials have a great influence in how new flies are created.

They are more durable, float better and are often easier to see than traditional materials.

This is the case with the Pale Morning Dun Vis-A-Dun a newer variation of the classic Thorax pattern.

The synthetic wing is much easier to see and is more durable than a turkey flat wing.

This pattern like the Thorax has the exact profile and impression of a mayfly dun on the water.

The trimmed hackle makes it land upright and float along naturally on the water.

Selective fish have a hard time refusing this visible effective pattern.

$ 1.50

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