Rainbow Warrior Tungsten BH, Black

Rainbow Warrior Tungsten BH, Black


Features of the Rainbow Warrior Tungsten BH, Black

The Rainbow Warrior Tungsten Bead Black has become a top selling fly in our retail location and we are proud to offer it here.

The thorax of this fly is rainbow dubbing which is a blend of different colors.

We feel some of the reasons this fly is so productive is at least one of the colors will stand out in any fishing condition and the abdomen closely matches a midge pupa.

The Rainbow Warrior works in almost any water but is hard to beat when fish are feeding on midges.

This pattern works well in waters with sow bugs and will also work for a Mysis shrimp.

The extra weight of the tungsten head makes this fly sink fast and makes this fly a great choice to trail off of a dry.

$ 1.85