Prince Nymph, Double Bead

Prince Nymph, Double Bead


Features of the Prince Nymph, Double Bead

The Double Bead Head Prince Nymph is a heavier Flashy version of the classic Prince Nymph.

The heavy weight of the two beads allows you to get this fly deep, often without needing extra weight.

Guides go to this pattern to make casting easier for their clients and for a quick nymphing set up.

This pattern is one of the most effective attractor nymphs around.

The split tail and wing look very natural and make this fly work exceptionally well in water with Stoneflies.

The flash of the beads and peacock are attention getters and make this fly work in every type of water.

Anglers have great success with this pattern for almost every freshwater fish all over the world.

It pays to carry several different sizes and varieties of this incredible pattern in your box at all times.

$ 1.75

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