Carnage Attractor, Tan, Trina's

Carnage Attractor, Tan, Trina's


Features of the Carnage Attractor, Tan, Trina's

The Tan Carnage Attractor dry fly is one of the most versatile patterns available.

The tapered foam extended body along with an elk hair tail, fine silicon rubber legs, and a foam textured etha wing match a variety of insects and make this fly buggy.

The parachute hackle makes it float upright and the two tone parachute will stand out in any condition.

The Carnage Attractor will work on almost any water and is a must have pattern.

It will imitate Golden Stoneflies, Hoppers, Mayflies, large Caddis and many other items fish love to eat.

Trout, Panfish and most freshwater fish find the Carnage Attractors hard to refuse.

$ 2.00